Juni 21, 2024

Small Wings Neck Tattoo

Angel wings neck tat

This black wings tattoo is small and subtle, located on the back of this woman’s neck, reaching up towards her hairline. 

Small wings neck tattoo

This neck tat makes much less of a statement than other angel wings tattoos, many of which take up all of the back and sometimes even the shoulders and butt as well. Instead, this wings tattoo reaches only from the bottom of this girl’s neck to the top, and shows the wings reaching up instead of down, which is very common among fallen angel tattoo designs.

The black and white wings tattoo this girl chose is cute, but its size and style almost makes it look like some kind of laurel leaf film award. However, her choice to keep the tattoo subtle, rather than inking her entire back, wins her points because it is much more feminine and less intimidating than the other option. As angel tattoos, wings tattoos and fallen angel tattoos become more and more common, tattoo lovers will surely continue to find new and unique ways to ink themselves.

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