Juni 21, 2024

Dragon tattoo meanings

Dragons are present in the legends and myths of many ancient civilizations and modern cultures, and have been portrayed throughout history as magical, mystical and powerful creatures. The origin of the word “dragon” can be traced back to the Greek word “derkein,” which means “sharp-sighted one,” and could also be used to describe a snake. In fact, when it was converted to Latin, the common word for dragon became “draco,” or “giant snake.” Because dragons are surrounded by so much ancient myth, and because the creatures are considered a symbol of power and wisdom, dragon tattoos have become a popular tattoo design for both men and women. It doesn’t hurt either that the naturally fluid form of dragons and dragon tattoos allows the tattoo design to perfectly contour any body, sometimes starting from the foot and winding up the leg and back to finish on the shoulder and chest. Other people choose to get dragon tattoos inked as full sleeve tattoos, calf tattoos or full back tattoos. Dragon tattoos come in all shapes and forms, and dragon tattoo meanings are equally varied.

Good & evil dragon tattoos

In general, the meaning of dragon tattoos can be interpreted as either good or evil, a symbol of hope and purity or of jealousy and malice. According to ancient myth, dragons were known riddle-masters, hoarding treasures and secrets beyond imagining, and were sought out by many for their sage advice. Dragons have even crossed into the real world as a symbol of this majesty and cunning, as Vikings carved dragons onto the prow of their ships and Chinese emperors have slept on dragon beds, sat on thrones called the dragon seat, and worn ceremonial attire known as dragon robes. Today, dragon tattoos have emerged as a way for men and women to permanently adorn themselves with the image of the dragon, depicting a dragon tattoo meaning of protection, power, ferocity or wisdom.

Dragon tattoo meaning for women

You’ve all heard about the movie and book, “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,” but how many of you really know what dragon tattoos mean for women? Dragon tattoos may be more popular among men as a whole, but women are just as likely to spring for dragon body tattoos, as they hold a very different meaning when inked on the female form. In general, the meaning of a dragon tattoo for women is a depiction of strength, or of a creator and protector of life. Because women are blessed with the ability to give birth, they are often seen as the creator of life. For this reason, some women may relate to a dragon and choose to get a dragon tattoo inked on their bodies. Most mothers devote their lives to protecting their children, and protection or guardianship is another common dragon tattoo meaning. Another meaning of dragon tattoos for women may represent self-confidence, symbolizing the flowing, fluid grace of a dragon that conceals a reserve of power and strength just beneath the surface.

Dragon tattoo meaning for men

Parallel to some interpretations of dragon tattoos for women, the meaning of a dragon tattoo for men typically signifies raw power and strength. Men often align themselves with dragons, creatures touted as guardians of that which is sacred. Similarly, men often see themselves as protectors of things and people that are important to them; for example, a wife and children, or other family members and friends. However, legend has it that the power of a dragon must be balanced with wisdom, or else greed may overcome the creature and turn him into something evil instead of good and kind. For this reason, the main dragon tattoo meaning for men symbolizes a man’s ability to garner respect for his wisdom but to be feared for his tremendous power. Keep in mind though, that dragon tattoo meanings for men and women alike can vary greatly depending on the type of dragon design portrayed in the dragon tattoo.

Meaning of Chinese dragon tattoos

According to Chinese culture, dragons are believed to be the governors of rain, capable of deciding where and when the rain will fall. Dragons also play an important role in Chinese festivals, and the Chinese dragon dance dates all the way back to 960-1279 AD. The Chinese consider themselves the descendants of the dragon and their culture is rich with dragon imagery, which they believe to be a symbol of imperial power. In general, Asian cultures see dragons as benevolent creatures, assigning specific charitable features to different types of Oriental dragons. For example, the Celestial Dragon is touted as the dragon that protects the Gods and supports the heavens, the Spiritual Dragon controls wind and rain, the Yellow Dragon is the hornless dragon known for its knowledge, and the Treasure Dragon is the keeper of precious jewels and gems. Depending on how a person sees him- or herself, he or she may choose a Chinese dragon tattoo meaning based on one or more of these mythical creatures.

Guardian dragon tattoo meaning

The guardian dragon tattoo meaning is common among many different cultures, although guardian dragons can be portrayed as either good or evil. Greek mythology, for example, portrayed dragons as dark and terrifying creatures, remnants of an earlier time that needed to be slayed by the archetypal hero. According to Greek legend, dragons were guardians of underground sources of power and typically guarded springs where the underworld came to the surface. Other cultures suggest that all humans have their own guardian dragon, as a sort of totem, and many people choose to get a dragon tattoo depicting their personal guardian dragon. This dragon tattoo meaning is typically more positive than the other type of guardian dragon tattoo meaning, and is probably a more common guardian dragon tattoo design.

Celtic dragon tattoo meaning

Although dragons aren’t a common theme in Celtic culture, there does exist the medieval story of the red and white dragons. According to the Celtic dragon tattoo meaning, the red dragon represents Britain and is the protector of Wales, and the white dragon symbolizes the invading Saxons. According to the story, the red dragon fought to protect its land, ultimately dragging the white dragon back into the ocean and restoring peace to the land. It was at that time that the King of Briton adopted the red dragon as a symbol of his leadership, and the red dragon is still portrayed on the Prince of Wales’ coat of arms. This particular Celtic dragon tattoo meaning represents war, courage and power. Although dragons are commonly seen as evil creatures by modern society, people who opt for a Celtic dragon tattoo design may interpret the tattoo in a very different way – as a symbol of strength, loyalty and protection.

Colors of dragon tattoos

One of the great things about dragon tattoos is that they can be inked in any number of different ways to reflect your intended dragon tattoo meaning, experimenting with size, shape, design and even color. For some tattoos, color is used simply to make the tattoo more aesthetically pleasing. When it comes to dragon tattoos however, color is used specifically as a means of depicting a particular dragon tattoo meaning. It is widely accepted, for example, that red dragon tattoos represent the type of dragon that most of us think of when we picture dragons – vicious, fire-breathing creatures – although they can also symbolize strength and fierce loyalty. Green dragon tattoos, on the other hand, typically symbolize an attachment to the natural world, while blue dragon tattoos represent loyalty, discipline and authority. Finally, the black dragon tattoo meaning can be interpreted as a symbol of evil, but can also stand for ferocity and strength.

Meaning of tribal dragon tattoos

As we explained earlier, dragon tattoo meanings can represent one of two general themes: good or evil. In Eastern cultures, dragons are considered to be kind, benevolent and bringers of good fortune, while Western cultures view dragons as evil, greedy, fire-breathing creatures. Although tribal dragon tattoos are a unique and personal way to portray your dragon tattoo, the design typically doesn’t change the meaning of the dragon tattoo itself. For example, if you choose to get a tribal dragon tattoo inked in the traditional Chinese dragon design, your dragon tattoo meaning could represent benevolence and kindness. On the other hand, if you choose to get a tribal dragon tattoo that breathes fire and has horns, your dragon tattoo meaning could be very different, illustrating a fierce power and possibly even a certain malicious nature. In ancient civilizations, tribes used tattoos as a way to indicate the status of different tribe members, which is one of the reasons tribal tattoos have become so popular. Some people opt for tribal dragon tattoos if they want to portray both their personality and their heritage.

Dragon tattoo designs

Because the designs, sizes, colors and meanings of dragon tattoos are so versatile, dragon tattoos have come to be one of the most popular tattoo designs, for both men and women. Men usually opt for large dragon tattoos inked on the back, arms, shoulder or legs, which can draw attention to the strongest part of the male form. Women, on the other hand, may prefer smaller dragon tattoos, which they can place on the neck or upper back, ankle, foot, side or shoulder. There are so many different meanings of dragon tattoos out there, that the tattoo design is appropriate for almost anyone. If you’re interested in getting a dragon tattoo, keep this information about dragon tattoo meanings in mind so you can choose the dragon tattoo design that suits you best!