April 19, 2024

Angel tattoo meanings

Angels are traditionally considered to be messengers of God, and are referenced in a number of different religions, including Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Because of this universal meaning of angels, angel tattoos are typically used in designs by a variety of people to represent protection and guardianship, regardless of their religious beliefs. In some cases, angel tattoos are meant to symbolize the struggle between good and evil, in which case the tattoo design may feature both an angel and the devil, or a fallen angel hanging its head in shame. Other popular angel tattoo designs include an angel with a harp or a trumpet, an angel tattoo with wings, an angel tattoo without wings, an angel perched on a cloud, or an angel tending to another person or a damaged soul. Because there are so many different tattoo designs out there that feature angels, there are a wide variety of angel tattoo meanings as well. If you are considering getting an angel tattoo inked on your body, be sure to consider the following angel tattoo meanings before you hit the tattoo shop!

Angel wings tattoos

Even though you typically think of angels as having wings, not all angel tattoos actually feature wings in their design. For this reason, people who choose to add wings to their angel tattoo often do so for a specific reason. Along the same vein, some people who choose to get an angel tattoo opt for a tattoo that includes wings only, without the actual angel body. Angel wing tattoos are commonly inked on the shoulder blades, and are a very common type of design for women in particular. While the most common angel wing tattoo meaning is a relationship with God, some people choose to get an angel tattoo of this kind as a tribute to a loved one, for a spiritual meaning, or just for aesthetic purposes. The great thing about angel wing tattoos is that the feathers are often designed in such a way that they look very realistic, contributing to the beauty of the angel tattoo design. If you are interested in getting an angel tattoo as a memorial, you may want to consider including a portrait in the angel wing tattoo design, thereby personifying your loved one as an angel watching over you and protecting you from harm.

Fallen angel tattoo meaning

For as many traditional angel tattoos featuring an angelic being that there are out there, there are just as many of their opposite: the fallen angel tattoo. Fallen angel tattoos often depict some variety of the human form with angel’s wings, posed in such a way that illustrates shame – slouched over with head down, for example. Because different people interpret their relationship with God differently and have varying views on life, there are a number of different meanings of fallen angel tattoos. The most common fallen angel tattoo meaning is that the angel was banished from heaven or never made it in because he or she lived a sinful life, and the most well-known of all the fallen angels is Satan. Satan was banished from heaven because of his pride (he essentially thought he was better than God), so a possible fallen angel tattoo meaning could be that the wearer recognizes the error of his ways and wishes to do penance for his sins and return to heaven. In addition to a fallen angel tattoo featuring a shamed figure, another popular fallen angel tattoo meaning is a fallen angel with a halo and wings, looking upward towards its goal. The opposite fallen angel tattoo meaning would be an angel that has fallen from grace and no longer feels he has a relationship with God.

Meaning of angel wings tattoos

Although wings can be associated with a number of creatures, including birds, butterflies, fairies and dragonflies, the most popular wings tattoos depict angel wings. The meaning of angel wings tattoos can represent a variety of messages, including freedom, speed, flight and aspiring to certain goals in life, depending on the personal beliefs and desires of the wearer. In many cases, the meaning of angel wings tattoos – like angel tattoos – symbolizes protection or guardianship, often inked as a memorial in the event of a loved one’s death. Angel wings tattoos are most commonly inked on the back in black and white, covering a large area from shoulder to shoulder, as real wings would. Some people, particularly women, may opt for smaller angel wings tattoos, which can be attractively inked on the wrist, arm, ankle or foot.

Tribal angel wing tattoo meaning

Tribal tattoos are becoming more and more popular among tattoo lovers and first-time tattoo wearers, particularly because they can be incorporated into a variety of different tattoo designs. For those people who want to get an angel tattoo or angel wings tattoo inked on their body, incorporating a tribal design into the tat can make it more unique and give it a slightly different meaning, depending on their desired tribal angel wing tattoo meaning. Because tribal tattoos date back to a time when tribes actually used the ink to distinguish themselves from others, or to denote individual status within the tribe, a tribal angel wing tattoo can be a neat way to represent some form of status. Also, because tribal tattoos were traditionally a cultural custom, a tribal angel wing tattoo meaning could represent the wearer’s culture or family history.

Angel tattoo & angel wing tattoo designs

The traditional meaning of an angel tattoo or an angel wing tattoo is protection or spirituality, but as angel tattoo designs become more and more popular, wearers are finding unique ways to make their ink their own. Some people with angel wing tattoos include a portrait of a loved one, their name, or the dates of their birth and death, as a permanent tattoo memorial. Because angel tattoos and angel wing tattoos are typically found on the back, most tattoos of this design are inked on a large scale, giving the appearance of the person actually wearing a pair of wings. For this reason, the meaning of angel wing tattoos could be that the wearer sees him or herself in a spiritual way, or even as a messenger of God. When angel tattoos, fallen angel tattoos and angel wing tattoos are inked on a smaller scale in a different place on the body, they can have the same meaning, even though they aren’t tattooed on the back. A common design for angel wings tattoos, for example, is the have small wings inked on the wrist with the initials or name of a loved one that has passed away. If you are thinking about getting an angel tattoo, fallen angel tattoo, tribal angel tattoo or angel wings tattoo, be sure to take these tattoo meanings into consideration first!