Mai 20, 2024

Medium Wings Boy Tattoo

Boy’s angel wings tat

Angel wing tattoos can be masculine too! This boy’s back tat includes black wings inked from his shoulders to his lower back.

Medium wings boy tattoo

The boy in this tattoo photo has a pair of angel’s wings inked on his back in a style that makes them look like they were sketched with pencil. This back tat may represent a fallen angel tattoo, since the wings are black and look like they were torn from the wearer’s body. Although angel wings may seem like a feminine tattoo design, this young man rocks the wings rather well.

The traditional meaning surrounding angel wings is that they are a symbol of purness and supernatural beauty. However, angel wing tattoos may also represent independence and hope, which makes them equally appropriate for men and women. In most cases though, black angel wings symbolize the darkness typically associated with a fallen angel, which evokes feelings of loneliness and rebellion.

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