Juni 21, 2024

Star tattoo meanings

Although some people get star tattoos just for the heck of it, most people who get inked with a star tattoo have a particular star tattoo meaning in mind. The meaning of star tattoos can vary greatly depending on the star tattoo design and the preferences of the wearer, but in general, star tattoos can represent ambition, goals, protection or good luck. Star tattoos often make a powerful statement, because they remind us of the vastness of the sky and universe, and make us think about how important life is. The information we have gained about stars has changed over the centuries, and star tattoo meanings have also developed and changed. If you are thinking about getting a star tattoo, the star tattoo meaning is one of the most important aspects of the ink you get. Once you figure out the star tattoo meaning that you are going for, you can look for different star tattoo designs until you find the one that fits you perfectly.

Nautical star tattoo meaning

Nautical star tattoos are one of the oldest and most popular tattoo designs out there, and they look great on both girls and men. Although people who get nautical star tattoos today have their own personal interpretation for the tat, the meaning of nautical star tattoos dates back over a century to sailors, who were the first people to get nautical star tattoos inked on their bodies. Back in the day before ships were equipped with modern navigation systems, sailors often guided their ships using constellations and the North star in particular. For this reason, the North star, or nautical star, took on a very important meaning for sailors, and these individuals began inking nautical star tattoos on their bodies as a tribute to the star that guided them home safely. The nautical star tattoo meaning for sailors was guidance and protection, and this same design and theme holds true for some people today.

Nautical star tattoo designs

Nautical star tattoos are traditionally depicted as a star with five points and a line dissecting each point in half. These different segments are then filled in with alternating colors, typically white and black or red and black. Today however, nautical star tattoos can be found in a variety of colors, depending on the nautical star tattoo meaning and the wearer’s preferences. Because nautical star tattoos today can be interpreted in different ways, the size of the star tattoos can also vary, from very small nautical stars inked on the ankle, wrist or shoulder for girls, to large nautical stars found on the arm, leg, chest or back of men. Some people choose to get a tattoo with a number of small nautical stars, and others prefer just one large star tattoo inked on their body. If you’re thinking about getting a star tattoo, decide on the nautical star tattoo meaning and go from there!

Shooting star tattoo meaning

Shooting star tattoos are no more or less meaningful than nautical star tattoos, although these two star tattoo designs typically represent different things. Shooting star tattoos in particular are often associated with an important moment in the wearer’s life, one that left a lasting impression, and can also be attributed to good luck, success, or wishes coming true. In some cases, the meaning of star tattoos could be a wedding or a romance, or a star tattoo meaning could even be the loss of a loved one. Shooting stars are a popular tattoo design for celebrities, like pop superstar Rihanna, and can represent their rise to the top or their future ambitions. Even though shooting star tattoos are popular among celebrities, they look just as great on anyone else!

Shooting star tattoo designs

Shooting star tattoos are most popular among girls, and look great when they are small tattoos inked in places like the ankle, stomach, arm, wrist or shoulder. Shooting star tattoo designs can include a trail of small stars, or stardust, which typically covers a larger area, or they can incorporate only one star, using swirl designs to represent the star’s flight. Rihanna’s shooting star tattoo is beautifully designed and includes a number of small stars cascading down her neck and back, inked in black and white. Rihanna also has a small star tattoo on the inside part of her left ear. Other celebrities with star tattoos include Lindsay Lohan, Drew Barrymore and Kate Hudson. Regardless of the star tattoo meaning, or the person sporting the shooting star tattoo, this type of body art usually looks great and makes a big statement.

Three star tattoo meaning

Another interesting type of star tattoo is the three star tattoo that some girls get these days. The three star tattoo meaning sometimes represents a journey that the person has taken, expressing the changes they have undergone and the obstacles they have overcome to get where they are today. Another three star tattoo meaning can involve three stars representing a person’s past, present and future, namely overcoming a difficult past to achieve certain goals. Some people choose to get three star tattoos to represent loved ones, such as a husband, wife and child. Although star tattoos and other tattoo designs sometimes have traditional meanings that date back in time, the great thing about star tattoos is that the design you choose can really represent anything you want it to.

Three star tattoo designs

This kind of star tattoo typically includes three stars inked in a vertical line, ranging in size from the smallest star at the bottom to the largest star at the top. Girls who get this three star tattoo often get it inked on the back of their neck or on their upper back. Another three star tattoo design includes three small tattoos of the same size, sometimes inked in a cluster and sometimes inked on a curved line. These three star tattoos are often inked on a girl’s wrist or the stomach, right near the hip.

Other star tattoo desings

Star tattoos are one of the most popular types of body art, mostly because they are simple and flexible when it comes to star tattoo meaning. Stars have been a part of our lives from the very beginning, and we have learned a great deal about stars from astrology and mythology. When we are young, we receive stars for doing good work in school, and we aspire to that form of success. The celebrities we see on TV every day are called stars, and we have all heard the phrase “reach for the stars,” in reference to living our dreams and always doing our best in everything. The meaning of star tattoos is that the star is a symbol of success, which we are all trying to achieve. By getting star tattoos, many people are acquiring a literal representation of their drive and ambition, inked on their bodies.