Juli 18, 2024

Dragon Tattoos Breathing Fire

Two dragons fighting fire

This man’s dragon tattoo shows two dragons battling, and covers his arm from wrist to shoulder, reaching onto his back.

Dragon tattoos breathing fire

This arm tattoo is fairly large, covering nearly all of this man’s left arm and reaching onto his shoulder, with the dragon’s tail extending onto his left shoulder blade. These fighting dragons have wings and horns and are more fierce-looking than the traditional Chinese dragon tattoos. The two dragons portrayed in this sleeve-like dragon tattoo are engaged in battle on this man’s arm, fighting fire against rain.

Fire-breathing dragons are one of the most popular kinds of images chosen for dragon tattoos, as these tattoo designs appear fierce and powerful. Dragons are traditionally perceived as strong, mysterious and even lucky, which is why so many people choose dragon tattoos for their arms, back and even legs. Although dragons are believed to represent these particular things, dragon tattoo meanings always depend on the wearer.