Juni 21, 2024

Angel Wings Back Tattoo

Black wings tat on back

The large black angel tattoo on this woman’s back is inked from her shoulders down to her butt, and includes her sides.

Angel back tattoo

Some of the most popular angel tattoo designs include only angel’s wings, so that the wings appear to actually belong to the wearer. This angel wings tattoo was designed in an almost animated style, making the wings look less realistic than other angel wing back tattoos out there. This wings tattoo is also rather large, extending all the way from the woman’s shoulder blades down her back and onto her butt. The wings also appear to wrap around her sides.

Although there are a number of different reasons why people may get an angel tat inked on their backs, the increasing popularity of this kind of wings on back tattoo makes the once-distinctive design less and less unique. However, we won’t judge. As long as people continue to find inspiration in angel wings tattoos, we will continue to show and talk about them here.

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