Juli 17, 2024

Koi tattoo meanings

You may think that a fish is poor choice for a tattoo, because really, what kind of meaning can a fish tattoo have? Well, besides being an extremely beautifully-colored fish, the koi fish is actually one of the most popular Japanese tattoo symbols, and is becoming a popular tattoo design in other parts of the word as well. Because of the range of koi fish tattoo meanings, koi tattoos are a common tattoo design among all different kinds of people. Although the koi originated in China, the koi and the legend surrounding the fish are now widely celebrated in Japan as well. Today, people all over the world get koi fish tattoos that symbolize anything from courage to perseverance, unity and achievement. If you are planning on getting a koi tattoo meaning is one of the most important things to consider.

Meaning of a koi fish tattoo

Koi is Japanese for carp, and these brightly-colored ornamental fish can be found in public ponds and fountains in a variety of colors that include yellow, gold, white, black, orange, and sometimes even calico colors. Koi have been bred for centuries and are so highly acclaimed that particularly large or beautiful koi fish have been known to fetch prices exceeding half a million dollars from collectors who specialize in their showing and breeding. Because of the centuries of koi fish myths and fables that have been passed down through generations, the meaning of a koi tattoo has held true for years. For some people, a koi fish tattoo meaning represents overcoming obstacles, achieving one’s goals and striving for success. For others, koi fish tattoos stand for honor and courage. For others still, the great koi fish symbolizes unity, family and loyalty.

Koi fish tattoo colors

The koi fish has become such an honorable and respected symbol in Asian cultures that the creature has been adopted as the symbol of the annual Childrens’ Day Festival in Japan, where traditional dictates that colorful koi flags be flown for each member of the family. The black koi fish represents the father, orange and red for the mother, blue and white for boys, and pink and red for girls. For this reason, a black koi tattoo meaning could be masculinity or fatherhood, an orange and red koi tattoo meaning could represent femininity or motherhood, and blue and white or pink and red koi tattoo meanings could be a symbol of your children or of child-like qualities you see in yourself.

Dragon koi tattoo meaning

The koi fish is surrounded by many fables and stories and is a significant icon in Asian culture. According to the most popular ancient Chinese myth regarding koi fish, the koi owns the strength and perseverance to be able to swim against the current and climb waterfalls. This popular koi tattoo meaning dates back to the tale of nine holy koi, whose quest was to endure the journey upstream and climb the waterfall at Dragon’s Gate on the Yellow River. The koi succeeded in climbing the falls, and they were rewarded by being transformed into dragons and were given the task of being Dragon protectors of the Emperor. Since then, the koi fish has become a symbol of achievement and worldly advancement.

2 koi fish tattoo meaning

Although the Japanese word “koi” means carp, it can also represent love or passion. Because of this, some koi fish tattoo meanings represent the love between man and woman. People who want to get a koi fish tattoo with this meaning typically opt for a koi fish tattoo featuring two fish. Another kind of koi fish tattoo depicting two fish is the Pisces design, which is the twelfth astrological sign in the Zodiac. In fact, Pisces is the water sign and actually means fish, and some people choose a 2 koi fish tattoo meaning to represent this astrological sign. According to Greek myth, the two fish in this design symbolize the fish into which Aphrodite and her son Eros transformed in order to escape the monster Typhon. Legend has it that the two fish were tied together with a cord so they would be sure not to lose one another. The Pisces symbol includes two lines curving inwards towards one another, and a popular option for a koi fish tattoo features two koi fish inked head to tail in a design almost like a circle.

Japanese koi tattoo meaning

Because koi fish tattoo meanings have come to represent such success, perseverance and courage, they are particularly popular tattoo designs for men. In fact, Koi fish have been compared to the bravery and honor of samurai warriors. Legend has it that if a koi fish is caught by a fisherman, it will lie on the cutting board without so much as quivering, accepting its fate without fear. What man wouldn’t want a koi fish tattoo meaning this type of unwavering bravery, honor and victory? Koi fish tattoos aren’t just for men though. Many women get koi fish tattoos as a symbol of success, beauty, strength, overcoming obstacles and even good luck. It’s obvious that koi fish tattoos represent a number of honorable and respectable things, dating back to ancient Chinese myth. So what will your koi fish tattoo mean?

Popular koi tattoo designs

Koi fish are typically included in tattoo designs with water, since the legend of the koi fish has to do with koi being able to swim upstream against the current. For this reason, one of the most important aspects of a koi fish tattoo is recognizing in which direction the fish is swimming. In koi fish tattoos where the fish is swimming upstream, the koi tattoo meaning could be that the person is still struggling with some kind of hardship or obstacle. The meaning of a koi fish tattoo where the fish is swimming downstream could be that the person has already overcome his or her problem. However, some people actually believe the opposite to be true; that koi fish tattoos where the fish is swimming upstream actually means that the person has gained the strength to succeed in overcoming obstacles, whereas a fish swimming downstream may not yet have the strength to do so. So what will your koi fish tattoo design mean?