Juli 18, 2024

Tribal tattoo meanings

Tribal tattoos are one of the original tattoo designs, and have been around since ancient civilizations began using tattoos as a symbol of status. In fact, the word “tattoo” is believed to have originated from the Polynesian word “ta,” which means to strike something, and the Tahitian word “tatau,” which means to mark something. Back then, each person in a particular tribe would get a tattoo as a celebration of their identity as a tribe member. In other cultures, tribal tattoos were inked on the bodies of men and women as a marriage ritual, marking a permanent tribute to their partner in life. Today, tribal tattoos have come to mean a variety of different things, although some tribal tattoo meanings still hold true to their original message.

Some people get tribal tattoos to represent their culture or heritage; others get this particular type of tattoo design to profess their love for another person, and some people get tribal tattoos just because they think they look cool. Regardless of their purpose, tribal tattoos are one of the most popular types of tattoo designs that exist today, although there are probably lots of people out there who have no idea what their tribal tattoo actually means. Check out the info below to learn more about tribal tattoo designs, tribal art and different kinds of tribal tattoo meanings.

Hawaiian tribal tattoo meaning

Don’t think for one minute that Hawaiian tribal tattoos consist of hula dancers and lei designs. Although these images are what typically come to mind when you think of a Hawaiian tattoo, Hawaiian or Polynesian tribal designs are much more complex and meaningful. In Pacific cultures, tattooing has an important historical significance, and Polynesian and Hawaiian tattoos are considered the most intricate and skillfully inked tattoos in the ancient world. Ancient Hawaiian tattooing, known as “kakau,” served not only as a means of ornamentation and distinction for Hawaiians, but Hawaiian tattoo meanings also represented protection from sickness and evil spirits. Hawaiian tattoos were, and still are, characterized by intricate patterns and geometric shapes, sometimes mimicking woven reeds, animals and other natural images. Because of this, Hawaiian tattoo meanings have come to represent status, culture, and spiritual well-being, and were commonly inked on the arms, torso, legs and face of Hawaiian tribal men. Hawaiian women were typically inked with Hawaiian tribal tattoos on the fingers, hand, wrists, and sometimes even on their tongues.

Tribal tattoo meaning strength

Tribal tattoos, or “hanuman,” in India were commonly inked on the arms and legs of men to represent strength. Legend has it that monks incorporated magical powers into tribal tattoo designs during the process of inking the tats in order to create a powerful tribal tattoo meaning. The Maori tribes originating from New Zealand had their own process of tattooing, which included using chisels to impress inked grooves in the skin instead of using needles to pierce the skin with ink. The result was a Maori tattoo that was raised and rough instead of smooth and clean like most tattoos you see today. The Maori people inked tribal tattoos meaning strength on the face and legs of men, many of which included distinctive tattoo designs like spirals. Among the Maori people, tribal tattoo meanings were important and unique because the tats were meant to be recognized by friends and family once the tattooed person died. According to Maori legend, the light goes right through you when you die, but the tattoos show who you are. For that reason, a tribal tattoo meaning in the Maori civilization represented inner strength and mastering this strength.

Tribal dragon tattoo meaning

Dragon tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs out there, and tribal dragon tattoos in particular are commonly inked on the bodies of men and women today. Dragons tattoos are not new designs however; these mythical creatures are present in the legends of most ancient and modern cultures, portrayed throughout history as magical creatures possessing some sort of mystical power. According to one myth, great philosophers would climb the highest mountains or venture into intimidating caves just to seek the advice of wise dragons. For this reason, a tribal dragon tattoo meaning strength and wisdom is popular among men who wish to be revered for their wisdom but feared for their power. Dragon tattoos can be found in small or large designs, the most impressive of which sometimes extend the length of a man’s entire body from ankle to shoulder. One of the most well-known tribal dragon tattoos meaning inner strength and composure is probably the one located on the back of the main character from the book and movie “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.” Tribal dragon tattoos in particular are versatile tattoo designs, since the tribal design is typically very fluid and graceful.

Tribal tattoo meaning family

Because tribal tattoos originated as a means of identifying oneself as a member of a particular tribe in ancient civilizations, a tribal tattoo meaning family is a popular interpretation of tribal tattoo designs. Not only did tribal tattoos allow tribe members to easily identify one another, but they also believed that tribal tattoos allowed individuals to find one another in the afterlife. Although so-called tribes don’t necessarily exist in our modern world, many people consider their own family to be a tribe or clan, getting tribal tattoos to symbolize this common love and togetherness. Today, tribal tattoos meaning family are common tattoo designs among family members, members of fraternities, sororities, military men and women, and even gangs.

Another popular type of tribal tattoo meaning family is a marriage tattoo featuring tribal wedding rings or tribal tattoos with hearts and initials. In the past, marriage tribal tattoos were not only meant to represent love and a commitment to one another, but they were also believed to help spouses find one another in the afterlife, especially if husband and wife passed away years apart. Today, tribal tattoos meaning family are still popular, and many people get body art representing their husband or wife as a heart or star tat, a tattooed wedding band, or a name or initials inked on their body.

Tribal turtle tattoo meaning

Tribal turtle tattoos are a popular tattoo design originating from Hawaiian and Polynesian cultures, which have a deep respect for the turtle. The turtle is revered as a peaceful and graceful animal of the sea, and tribal turtle tattoo meanings typically represent inner reflection, peace, or similar qualities in a person. The turtle is a symbol prevalent throughout Hawaiian myths, legends and stories passed down through generations, as it was thought to represent good luck and peace to the Hawaiian people. Because tribal tattoos have been around for hundreds of years, much of the Hawaiian- and Polynesian-inspired tattoo artwork present today is reminiscent of those in the past, focusing mainly on natural images and peaceful animals like the turtle.

Tribal turtle tattoos were also popular among Native American tribes, many of whom also had a deep connection with the sea turtle. There are a number of Native American myths from which tribal turtle tattoo meanings draw, including one of the most widely known myths which said that the world sits on the turtle’s back. For the Native Americans, tribal turtle tattoos meaning courage and wisdom were popular tattoo designs, and the animal was also thought to be a deliberate and thoughtful creature deserving of respect. Tribal turtle tattoos are popular among men and girls alike, mostly because they can be sized to fit virtually anywhere on the body, and because they are respected and revered tattoo designs.

Tribal armband tattoo meaning

While many people opt for the simple armband that originates from a single centralized design extended to encircle the arm, some people go the more traditional route and choose a Maori tribal armband tattoo. This type of tribal tattoo design features multiple armband tattoos that extend down the arm to form a sleeve-like tattoo pattern. This type of tribal armband tattoo dates back thousands of years. In 1991, the frozen body of a 5,000-year-old tattooed man nicknamed “Otzi the Ice Man” was discovered on a mountain between Austria and Italy. The man’s skin bore 57 tattoos, many of which were inked in the multiple tribal armband tattoo design. Most people who decide to get an armband tattoo choose fluid designs or even animals, such as snakes, to encircle the arm. Depending on the armband design that you choose, your tribal armband tattoo meaning could be one of many things. In most cases, a regular tribal tattoo can be translated into a tribal armband tattoo meaning whatever the regular tattoo itself would have symbolized.

Tribal eagle tattoo meaning

Tribal eagle tattoos are a popular type of tattoo for men, and the simple yet bold tribal design makes these eagles tattoos even more striking. While regular eagle tattoo meanings typically represent patriotism or military service, tribal eagle tattoos in particular often have different meanings. The eagle is an ancient symbol, and the creature represented distinctive meanings for different cultures. For the Persians, the eagle was a sacred symbol of the sun, while the Greeks regarded the eagle as the scared emblem of Zeus, and the Druids believed the eagle to be a symbol of the highest god. In general, eagles have garnered an image of freedom, spirit and flight, which have made the majestic birds a popular design for tribal tattoos. Depending on the culture or heritage represented, a tribal eagle tattoo meaning could represent courage, spirit, fearlessness, freedom or power.

Tribal tattoo designs

Because of the diverse nature of tribal tattoos, tribal tattoo meanings also vary greatly from person to person and from design to design. Whether the tribal tattoo is small or large, inked on a man or girl, it is likely that the tribal tattoo meaning is something significant to the wearer. Although the tribal tattoo, in a variety of forms and designs, has been around for thousands of years, it continues to be an extremely popular tattoo design today. If you are planning on getting a tribal tattoo, determining the tribal tattoo meaning will be the most important decision you make in getting a tat inked on your body. Keep in mind that every tattoo you get is an expression of yourself or what you believe in, and dn’t ever get a tribal tat without doing research and being aware of the real tribal tattoo meaning!