April 19, 2024

Medium Black Wings Back Tattoo

Angel wings back tattoo 

The girl in this picture has an angel wings tattoo inked on her back, extending from her shoulders almost to her waist.

Medium black wings back tattoo

The black and white tat on this girl’s back portrays an angel wings tattoo design that covers almost her entire back, reaching from her right and left shoulder blades all the way to her lower back. Each wing is topped with a single claw, with black and white feathers extending gracefully down her back, almost all the way to her black leather booty shorts.

Angel tattoos and angel wing tattoos typically have a very personal and special meaning for the wearer. This tattoo design in particular symbolizes a fallen angel tattoo, which is often meant to signify rebellion. The dark, defined lines of this wing back tattoo makes for a stark contrast against the girl’s light skin, as well as the soft lighting and flowy white material in the background. Either this girl is repenting for a serious sin or she liked the “Black Swan” movie just a little too much.

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