Mai 20, 2024

One Broken Wing Tattoo

Back tat broken wing

The unique back tattoo in this photo is made up of two medium-sized angel wings, one of which is broken and bloody.

One broken wing tattoo

This person’s angel wings tattoo depicts two distinctly contrasting wing images, one of which is full and graceful, and the other of which is bloody and battered. The wings are equal in size, reaching from the shoulders to the mid-back, but represent two very different meanings. Although wing tattoos on the back are relatively common these days, this angel tattoo design is particularly unique.

Fallen angel tattoos are usually depicted as an angel looking upward with his or her face covered, although wing tattoos are often designed with one broken wing, as in this tattoo image. Angel wing tattoos typically make a strong personal statement about the wearer; the fact that this person went to great lengths to permanently portray a fallen angel on their back certainly says something about how they view themselves!

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