Mai 20, 2024

Bird head tribal tattoo

Tribal tat with bird

This simple tribal tattoo features the head of a bird inked in the traditional black and white tribal tattoo design.

Bird head tribal tattoo

One of the most common features of tribal tattoos is that they traditionally celebrated things found in nature that natives cherished, including waves and the sun, or animals like turtles and birds. This tribal tattoo design includes a bird’s head inked in black and white, using very simple patterns. Because the bird’s head almost forms a circle, the tribal tat looks very symmetrical and sleek.

Birds are a popular type of tattoo image, mostly because of what their ability to fly symbolizes. Traditionally, bird tattoos represent freedom, spirituality or flight, evoking a sense of being unburdened or light as air. People who desire the feeling of freedom or being carefree might get a bird tattoo, and to ink the bird in a tribal tat design like this one makes it seem even more natural and powerful.

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