September 26, 2023

Carnation, orchid, & hummingbird flower tattoo

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Flowers & hummingbird

Beautifully detailed pink carnation and purple orchid with a blue flower and hummingbird below on a girl’s thigh.

Carnation, orchid, & hummingbird flower tattoo

Using white ink on top of a color makes a flower tattoo look so beautiful. A magenta carnation and a purple and pink orchid flower are tucked next to each other without stems or leaves. An all blue flower and little hummingbird are inked in a different style than the other flowers and it adds a neat contrast.

The upper thigh is a sexy area for a tattoo. These pretty flowers symbolize beauty and life and the tattoo placement suggests sexuality and love. A hummingbird represents rarity, fairytales, and brilliance. These birds pair well with any kind of flower design.

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