März 26, 2023

Half sleeve & chest Japanese koi tattoo

image reblogged from http://www.tattoounet.tumblr.com

Half sleeve koi tattoo

This is a guy’s half sleeve Japanese style koi tattoo that extends onto his chest done in color w/ black background.

Half sleeve & chest Japanese koi tattoo

This men’s koi tattoo is of a vivid colored fish in reds and oranges swimming out of a black and white sea background. The half sleeve has the carp placed vertically and the other images spill over onto his chest like a piece of armor. The chest piece has the same color scheme with a little blue weaving through but it is hard to see with the angle of the photo. You could use flowers or swirling colors to fill in this area. The green and yellow leaves over lap the image and brighten up the tattoo as a whole. Having a really dark background makes the art that much more bold.

The ominous waves splashing around the carp have a traditional Japanese art style, which symbolizes challenge, but the koi has a lucky and hopeful meaning in Japanese culture. This type of art looks best with black outlining and intense color.