Mai 20, 2024

Small black star tattoo on waist

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Star tat on girl’s waist

Lower waist tattoos like this girl’s are popular among women. This girl has matching black star outlines on her waist.

Small black star tattoo on waist

Even though this girl’s star tattoos are very small and discreet, I’m sure they get lots of attention when she wears a bikini! The matching star tattoos are located on the right and left sides of her lower waist, just above her hip bones. The stars are inked in black and are only outlines; they are not filled in all the way. Because this girl is so thin, the tiny star tats look great on her stomach.

Star tattoos are really popular designs for women because they come in all different sizes and forms. While some girls opt for small star tattoos, like this girl did, others choose large, complex star tattoos that extend all the way down their sides or backs. Star tattoos are great for both men and women because they can have a range of different meanings.

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