April 19, 2024

Back neck butterfly tattoo

Butterfly tat with star

Small butterfly tattoos like this one are cute on girls and are often inked on the neck or back, making them fun and flirty.

Back neck butterfly tattoo

This butterfly neck tattoo is much more feminine and attractive than some of the large butterfly tattoos women get these days. The butterfly tattoo in this photo is inked in black and white and is located at the base of this girl’s neck, almost on her back. To the left of the butterfly image is a tiny star, also tattooed in black and white.

As butterfly tattoos become more and more popular, girls and women are always looking for unique ways to have butterflies inked on their bodies. Although some butterfly tattoos are way too big and dramatic, this girl’s small butterfly tattoo on her neck makes a subtle statement and effectively represents femininity and beauty.

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