August 14, 2022

Shoulder butterfly & lilium tattoo

Flower butterfly tat

Butterflies and flowers together in one tattoo is a popular butterfly tattoo design. This one is inked on the shoulder.

Shoulder butterfly & lilium tattoo

This large butterfly tattoo is inked on this girl’s left shoulder and includes a blue and green butterfly and a bunch of pink lilium flowers.The shoulder tattoo is rather large and the bold colors make the butterfly and flowers really stand out. If the tattoo were slightly smaller, it wouldn’t be as dramatic and would appear more feminine. At this size and color, the butterfly tat looks a little tacky.

Although butterfly tattoos have a variety of meanings depending on the wearer, they generally stand for beauty, rebirth and femininity. Pink lilies like the ones in this butterfly tattoo represent wealth and prosperity, although they are also seen as a symbol of youth. Butterfly tattoo designs are increasing in popularity among girls and women who wish to express their appreciation for the beautiful creatures as well as their own beauty.