April 19, 2024

Upper back star tattoo with eye

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Third eye star tattoo

This colorful star tattoo is unique and includes an eye in the middle of the star, inked on this girl’s upper back.

Upper back star tattoo with eye

The creative star tattoo inked on this girl’s upper back uses a variety of colors to make the tat really interesting and aesthetically pleasing. The star in the back tat is a five-pointed star, and right in the middle of the design is a eye. This could be interpreted as the “third eye,” which typically symbolizes the spiritual eye or the eye of the soul. Also, next to the star tattoo, this girl has three tiny stars inked in black.

The third eye is an interesting concept because it is associated with intuition and extra sensory perception. Another unique aspect of this star tattoo is that off to the right of the eye, inside the star, there is half of a big smile inked as well. This girl’s star tattoo uses a rudimentary design and is inked in blue, orange, green, pink and yellow.

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