Mai 20, 2024

Women's sleeve of a tulip & lily flower tattoo

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Big lily and tulip tat

Woman’s half sleeve of unfilled daisies, shamrocks, and leaves with two large colorful flowers blooming on top.

Women’s sleeve of a tulip & lily flower tattoo

Flower tattoos look beautiful when they are big enough to shade in lots of detail on the petals and the stigma. This design has a lily and a tulip tucked next to each other with smaller flowers and leaves around them. The tulip is done in yellows, browns, and whites. The lily is colored in with oranges and has a pretty green detailing.

Flowers are universal symbols of beauty and love and these ones have a tropical look as well. This girl added to these large florals with smaller, simpler, designs around them that she left blank so the lily and the tulip really stand out on her upper arm sleeve.

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