Dezember 3, 2021

Colorful zebra star tattoo on side

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Zebra stars on back

Is that a stampede? No wait…it’s a girl’s star tattoo! This tattoo includes nearly 30 stars inked from shoulder to hip.

Colorful zebra star tattoo on side

This girl’s back tattoo is definitely unique. She has five large stars inked on her back and colored in with a black and white zebra design. The rest of the stars in the tat are small and inked in a variety of different colors, surrouding the larger zebra stars. The tattoo is inked on this girl’s back and extends all the way from her left shoulder, down her back to end on her left hip.

The large star tattoo inked on this girl’s back looks like it was pretty painful. Hopefully it represents something important to this girl so she doesn’t regret it later on. Star tattoos are cool because they can symbolize a number of different things, including protection, an important time in a person’s life, or even a loved one. Maybe this girl just really likes zebra print?

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