April 19, 2024

Three stars tattoo on neck and back

image reblogged from http://www.tattoounet.tumblr.com

Three matching stars tat

Getting three stars tattooed on your back looks like a popular trend! This girl has three large stars inked on her body.

Three stars tattoo on neck and back

I’m confused. This girl has three matching stars inked on her neck and back, but the girl hugging her is saying no, two! Or peace. Either way, the three matching stars tattooed on this girls back are cute and probably draw lots of attention. Especially when she wears shirts like this one. The stars are outlined with black ink and aren’t filled in, which makes them look feminine and simple.

Girls who get three stars inked on their backs and/or necks claim that the tattoo design represents a journey, or the wearer’s past, present and future. This is an interesting concept; I like tattoos that actually mean something for the wearer. In this case, the stars in this back tattoo get slightly bigger as they move upward, which could mean that this girl sees something big in her future!

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