Juni 21, 2024

Girl’s chest butterfly tattoo

Butterfly tat on chest

Chest tattoos on girls aren’t all that common, and for good reason. This girl’s chest tat includes a damaged monarch butterfly.

Girl’s chest butterfly tattoo

Chest tattoos like this one are quite a commitment, since you can’t really cover them up…unless you wear a turtleneck. It doesn’t really seem like this girl is too worried about making a bad impression though, since she has three rings on her lips and a bull ring in her nose. This girl’s chest tattoo portrays an interesting looking monarch butterfly. The butterfly’s wings aren’t attached to the body, and the butterfly also seems to be missing an antenna.

Not only is this butterfly tattoo weird looking, but it also probably hurt like hell. Why go through all that trouble to get a broken butterfly tattooed smack dab on your chest when everyone is going to be looking at the rings in your face anyway? When it comes to butterfly tattoos for girls, it seems like it’s either hit or miss. This chest butterfly tattoo is getting filed under “miss.”