Juni 21, 2024

Nautical star tattoo with quote

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Nautical star tat on leg

Nautical stars are cool and attractive tattoos for men and women. This star tattoo is inked in black and white on the leg.

Nautical star tattoo with quote

This girl’s leg tattoo includes a black and white nautical star with a banner wrapped around the star reading “you are who you are” in cursive text. The nautical star tattoo is inked on her lower leg and is designed in the traditional nautical star pattern with five points and each of the five sections divded into two, one black and one white.

Nautical star tattoos have been around for over a century, and were once popular among sailors who believed the tattoos could protect them while at sea and guide them home safely. Since that time, nautical star tattoos have come to represent a number of different meanings, including protection and guidance, or even a special time in the wearer’s life.

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