Mai 20, 2024

Black heart tattoo with music note on shoulder

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Music note heart tattoo

This barely noticeable heart tattoo is super cute! Small and subtle, it makes a statement without being too in-your-face.

Black heart tattoo with music note on shoulder

Small heart tattoos like this girl’s shoulder tat are great, because they get the job done while still looking cute and feminine. This girl’s tat includes a small black heart outline inked on the back of her right shoulder, with three music notes tattooed inside the heart. The heart tattoo is super discreet and is exposed in a sexy way in this pic.

With some heart tattoos, you have to try and guess what they stand for. Some heart tats represent love while others represent friendship, often duplicated in similar tattoos among friends. This girl’s shoulder tat tells us exactly what she wants it to symbolize: her love for music! The cute shoulder tattoo is classy and timeless.