April 19, 2024

Belly button and stomach star tattoo

image reblogged from http://www.tattoounet.tumblr.com

Star tat outline on belly

Unique star tattoos like this girl’s stomach ink can be hard to find. This belly tattoo is interesting and cute.

Belly button and stomach star tattoo

This girl’s stomach tattoo includes five stars inked on her stomach, one of which surrounds her belly button. The stars are only outlines and they are inked in blue. Together, the star tattoo design forms a U-shape on this girl’s belly. The tattoo is pretty interesting and is a great way to show off her flat stomach!

Stars are one of the most popular types of tattoo designs, and are perfect for men and women alike. Some of the most common star tattoo designs include shooting stars, nautical stars and stars with moons. Although star tattoos date back to the nautical star tats sailors used to get as a symbol of protection, star tattoos today have all different kinds of meanings.

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