September 26, 2023

Half sleeve black and orange koi tattoo

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Shoulder & arm koi tat

Large koi tattoos like this one are common among men. This guy’s koi tat is inked in black and orange on his upper arm.

Half sleeve black and orange koi tattoo

Because of the colors used in this koi tattoo, the tattoo design ends up looking pretty fierce. The tat is inked on this man’s upper arm, reaching from his shoulder down to his bicep area. The tattoo artist used black, orange and white to create the koi design, and the koi fish looks very true to life. There are also images that look like flower petals floating around in the koi tattoo.

The koi fish in this tattoo design is depicted swimming downstream, whch could either mean the person has overcome a difficult obstacle, or is still struggling with a problem in life, depending on which koi tattoo meaning you think is more accurate. Although koi fish come in a variety of colors, they are most often found in orange, like in this tattoo.