Mai 20, 2024

Chinese Dragon with Scales

Red dragon with scales

This colorful dragon tattoo is located on the upper arm and portrays a red, fire-breathing dragon against a black backdrop.

Chinese dragon with scales

This yellow, red and black dragon tattoo is done in bright, striking colors, which provides a great contrast against the wearer’s skin. The tattoo covers most of this man’s upper left arm, extending from the shoulder almost to the elbow.The tattoo depicts a traditional Chinese dragon that is breathing fire and smoke all around him.

The individual meanings of dragon tattoos vary, depending on the intention of the wearer. Dragon tattoos can be found on almost any body part, including the arms, back, hips and legs, because their size and shape are so versatile. Traditionally, Chinese dragon tattoos are known as mysterious mythical creatures that symbolize good luck, power and freedom. Regardless of what dragon tattoos represent though, this type of image is one of the most popular tattoo designs in the world, for both men and women.