Mai 20, 2024

Dragon Tattoo on Leg

Leg dragon chinese style

This intricate black and white dragon tattoo is inked on the calf of this man’s left leg, stretching from ankle to knee.

Dragon tattoo on leg

This Chinese style dragon tattoo is very elaborately done, portraying a traditional mythical dragon flying among the clouds. This black and white dragon design is very versatile, as it can be left this way or it can be filled in with color to made a bolder statement. Since this particular dragon tattoo design is very large, reaching from the ankle almost all the way to the knee, the image is powerful on its own without having to be accompanied by other tattoos.

Chinese dragons are a symbol of power and freedom, and are also thought to bring about good luck. There are many different ways in which a Chinese dragon tattoo can be depicted, including an image of  beauty, grace, or ferocity. This dragon tattoo in particular is fierce and appears to be ready to strike.