Mai 20, 2024

Dragon Foot Tattoo

Dragon and castle tat

This dragon tattoo includes an animated Chinese dragon with a burning castle in the background, inked on this man’s foot.

Dragon foot tattoo

This unique and colorful foot tattoo portrays a green and yellow, horned dragon in front of a stone castle that has gone up in flames. The dragon tattoo is large enough to encompass the man’s entire left foot, and even slightly extends onto his toe. Although dragon tattoos are very popular, this tattoo in particular is distinctive because it portrays a dragon that looks almost like a cartoon rather than one that is life-like. This dragon tattoo is also unique because it is located on the foot, rather than on the back, arm or chest.

Fire-breathing dragon tattoos are some of the most sought-after tattoo designs, and can be found on both men and women around the world. Most people believe dragon tattoos represent the character of the wearer, which is why some people choose graceful dragon tattoos and others choose fierce, fire-breathing dragon designs. In this case, the dragon has already displayed his fire-breathing skills, laying siege to an entire castle.