Juli 17, 2024

Half-sleeve moko maori tattoo

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Maori arm & shoulder tat

Symmetrical moko-style Maori tattoo inked on the upper part of a man’s arm and shoulder in a half-sleeve tattoo.

Half-sleeve moko maori tattoo

This man’s Maori arm tattoo is inspired by the traditional Maori style of tattooing – called moko – in which the skin is carved by chisels rather than punctured with a needle. The half-sleeve Maori tattoo features a nearly perfect symmetrical design with a thin white line running down the center, separating the tattoo into halves.

There is a lot going on in this Maori tattoo, including a flower design, a number of different geometric shapes, and an image that resembles the sun. Because the Maori people of New Zealand were deeply respectful of nature, they often took inspiration from nature when inking their tattoos. It’s not uncommon to see images of suns, flowers and even turtles in Maori tattoos.