April 19, 2024

Woman angel shoulder tattoo

Blonde naked angel tat

Naked woman angels are a popular type of angel tattoo design for men. This large angel tat is inked on this guy’s shoulder.

Woman angel shoulder tattoo

This guy’s tattoo shows a naked woman angel inked in black and white on his left upper arm, near his shoulder. The angel in this shoulder tattoo is naked except for a small garment wrapped around her waist, and an arm covering her breasts. The angel has beautiful white wings and blonde hair, but she is looking down so you can’t see her face.

Angel tattoos are one of the most common tattoo designs out there, probably because they can be inked in any number of designs and colors, and they can represent a variety of meanings. Traditionally, angel tattoos symbolize protection and safety, although more masculine angel tattoos sometimes symbolize power and strength.

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