Februar 28, 2024

Praying Woman Angel Shoulder Tattoo

Praying angel arm tat

The winged angel design in this tattoo is inked in muted colors and shows a woman praying, with Latin and English text.

Praying woman angel shoulder tattoo

This arm tattoo portrays a praying angel with wings, long hair and rosary beads in her hands. The woman is surrounded by clouds and the sun, which might double as a halo for the angel. Above the angel is written, “Alis Grave Nil,” which means “Nothing is heavy to those who have wings” in Latin. There is also a phrase inked below the angel, although this is written in English.

The praying angel tattoo in this photo is inked on this man’s left arm, and reaches all the way from his elbow up onto his shoulder. The tattoo is mostly black and white, although the angel’s dress and hair are both a light brown color. Praying angel images are popular tattoo designs, and are often chosen by people who have lost a loved one.

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