Mai 20, 2024

Angel Tattoo on Arm

Long haired angel tattoo

This long haired angel tattoo is a unique, forlorn angel tattoo design located on the upper arm, close to the shoulder.

Angel tattoo on arm

This angel tattoo in particular portrays a very human-looking angel with long hair and wings, clothed in a dress or another kind of simple covering. The angel tattoo is located on the arm, near the person’s shoulder, and shows an angel resting on something and looking down, perhaps towards the person she is protecting. Most angel tattoo images represent guardians or protectors, and this black and white angel tattoo depicts an angel who appears to be worried about something or someone.

Angel tattoos are popular among all different types of people, because of the variety of roles angels play in Christian mythology. Most angel tattoo designs portray benevolent creatures that offer comfort, although some angels can have a darker side, such as in a fallen angel tattoo. Angel tattoos are traditionally intended to be symbolic, often in memory of a loved one, which is why angel wing tattoos and praying angel tattoos have risen in popularity.

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