Juli 18, 2024

Full Back Angel Tattoo

Winged angel tat on back

The angel tattoo in this image is beautifully inked on this man’s entire back and is inspired by a real-life photograph.

Full back angel tattoo

This vibrant back tattoo features a woman in a white robe or dress, sitting on the ground with blue hair and angel’s wings. The background of the angel tat is inked in blues and greens, which creates a sharp contrast with the black and white angel image. Above the angel’s head, there are black birds flying among the clouds, and there is also a symbol inked at the top of the man’s back, between his shoulder blades.

The angel in this back tat is modeled after an actual black and white photograph, and the women in the two images are nearly identical. This man made a grand effort and probably endured a great deal of pain to immortalize this woman in a permanent tattoo on his back; we sure hope he doesn’t regret it later on!

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