Juni 21, 2024

Cherub angel arm tattoo

Two cherubs on guy’s arm

This weird arm angel tattoo includes two black and white cherub angels and what seems to be the eye of God in the sky.

Cherub angel arm tattoo

This guy’s angel tattoo consists of two cherubs sitting next to one another. One cherub angel is holding what looks like rosary beads and the other has a book in his lap, which could be the Bible. Above the cherub angels is a large eye inside of a cloud and bright lights shining down from the cloud. The angel tattoo is inked in black and white and is located on this guy’s lower arm.

Cherubs are traditionally thought of as baby angels, and are depicted as young boys and girls with chubby round faces and small wings. These cherub angels in particular are creepy looking, mostly because they have strange hair-do’s and solid black eyes. The image in the sky is most likely meant to represent the eye of God. This large arm tat has a lot going on, most of which is flat out strange.

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