September 26, 2023

Archangel Forearm Tattoo

Angel with sword arm tat

Angel tattoos aren’t always angelic. This forearm tattoo depicts an angel of war wearing armor with sword in hand.

Archangel forearm tattoo

Archangel tattoos are popular tattoo designs among men, probably because the image of an archangel is far less feminine than traditional angel tattoos. This particular angel tattoo shows an archangel standing over another winged creature, with his sword drawn and a shield with a cross on it in his hand. Behind the angel, the sun is attempting to burst through the clouds.

According to ancient belief, archangels are the angels with the highest rank and are closest to God. One of the most common types of tattoo designs involving angels of war portrays the great battle between Lucifer (Satan) and St. Michael, God’s warrior angel. This forearm tattoo depicts this battle, and is inked in black and white on this man’s right forearm.

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