April 19, 2024

Black tribal tattoo on hand

Black hand tribal tat

This hand tattoo is inked in the style of tribal tattoos, but is far less extreme than many tribal tattoos out there.

Black tribal tattoo on hand

The simple tribal tattoo on this guy’s hand is actually very unique because it is much less complex than the majority of tribal tattoo designs for men. The hand tribal tattoo consists of two dotted lines that form an X, and a diamond shape surrounding this X, also inked in dotted lines. The tribal tat is inked on the back of this guy’s left hand and covers the hand from knuckles to wrist.

Even though this tribal tattoo covers this guy’s entire hand, the tat is actually much smaller and less dramatic than other tribal tattoo designs, some of which cover the entire body. Also, the fact that this tribal tattoo is on his hand rather than on his arm, leg or back makes the tat seem more intimate and meaningful for some reason.