Dezember 3, 2021

Half sleeve fish tribal tattoo on arm

Koi arm tribal tattoo

This large tribal tattoo includes a black and white fish with a bluish gray metallic background inked on this guy’s arm.

Half sleeve fish tribal tattoo on arm

This fish tribal tattoo is inked on this guy’s left upper arm and shoulder, extending all the way down to his elbow. The tribal tat includes a large scaled fish, waves, and a criss-cross pattern that is inked in a shiny blue-gray color. The fish has a design between his eyes that looks like a sun.

The koi fish is an ancient Japanese symbol and there is a large amount of myth surrounding these beautiful creatures. Besides the fact that koi are known as colorful fish, they are also one of the most popular Japanese tribal tattoo symbols. According to ancient myth, koi can climb waterfalls and have come to be known as a representation of advancement and wordly aspiration.