Februar 28, 2024

Girl's side belly tribal tattoo

Long side tribal tattoo

Check out this girl’s large black tattoo inked on her right side from breast to hip. The tribal tat is simple and cool.

Girl’s side belly tribal tattoo

There’s no better way to show off a flat belly than to get a long tribal tattoo inked on the side of your stomach! This girl’s tribal tat covers a large part of her belly, from just below her right breast all the way down to her right hip. The stomach tat is inked in black and uses a very simple line and swirl design to create an interesting and feminine tattoo.

Tribal tattoos like this girl’s belly tat are cool because they don’t always have an obvious meaning. This lets the tattoo stand for a number of different things, making it very flexible, especially if you change your mind over time. It is permanent, after all! Tribal tattoos for women are sometimes tough because they often end up looking pretty masculine. This girl’s side tattoo, however is fun and girly!