Februar 28, 2024

Maori tattoo face pattern on back and shoulders

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Man’s large maori back tat

Ornate Maori tattoo on a man’s back, featuring a giant image of a face with spirals and other tribal shapes and designs.

Maori tattoo face pattern on back and shoulders

Look at parts of this back tattoo and you may not realize what the design represents. Once you see the Maori tat as a whole though, you’ll recognize an intricately designed face image in the seemingly random shapes and spirals. The Maori tattoo features a tribal face inked in black and white that extends the full length and width of this man’s back and up onto his shoulders and arms.

This Maori tattoo must have been tiring for both the tattoo artist and the recipient, because the detail of the back tat is incredible. Besides the tiny swirls and shapes that make up the finer details of the face, there are larger spots that are left blank that really bring the tattoo together. Notice the larger white spirals inked near the top of the tattoo, and you might recognize the Koru design, which represents new beginnings in life.