Februar 28, 2024

Girl's back tribal tattoo with body piercings

Full back tribal tattoo

This girl’s unique tribal tattoo covers her entire back and is accompanied by numerous round, silver body piercings.

Girl’s back tribal tattoo with body piercings

Full back tattoos like this girl’s tribal tat are more common among men than women, although this girl definitely didn’t shy away from a large back tribal tattoo. The back tattoo is inked in black and reaches from her shoulders and neck down her back. And not only did she opt for a large tribal tattoo on her back, she also decorated the tattoo with a design made out of fifty or more relatively large body piercings.

Even though this girl’s tribal tattoo is large, the design is spaced out a lot, which makes it look less intricate and dramatic, and somewhat feminine. The tribal tattoo design also looks like it was based around the piercings, since most of them are placed in areas where there is no black ink. This girl went all the way and provided a new, distinctive tribal tattoo idea for women.