Juli 9, 2020

Traditional skull tattoo with sword and banner on arm

image reblogged from http://www.tattoounet.tumblr.com

Skull and banner tattoo

Realistic skull tattoo inked on the arm with two criss-crossing swords and a banner reading “Never say die.”

Traditional skull tattoo with sword and banner on arm

The skull in this arm tattoo is very realistic-looking, and the skin tones used in its design really make it blend in with the wearer’s arm. The skull is inked overtop of two points of swords criss-crossing above a banner that reads “Never say die” in scrolling black letters. The skull tat definitely has a pirate feel to it, and it is inked on this man’s forearm.

Skull tattoos are traditionally associated with death or decay, but this man’s unique arm tattoo contrasts that meaning by including a banner that reads, “Never say die.” Taking the apparent pirate theme and the banner into consideration, this particular skull tattoo could symbolize strength and protection from harm and death.