September 29, 2023

Chest and sleeve maori tribal tattoo

Tribal tat on arm and chest

Maori tribal tats like this chest and arm tat are popular tattoo designs for men. This tat is inked in black and white.

Chest and sleeve maori tribal tattoo

This guy’s Maori tribal tattoo is particularly interesting because it uses a lot of white empty space, which draws a lot of attention to the tattoo. Many tribal tattoos for men are so intricately designed that they are mostly black, butt this guy’s tat uses both black and white. The Maori tattoo starts out on his left chest and extends over his shoulder and down his left arm to his wrist.

This guy definitely seems to like tattoos. This large arm and chest tribal tattoo takes up a large part of his chest and his entire left arm, and was probably pretty painful. Although the specific design used in this Maori tribal tattoo is unique, this type of tattoo design has becoming increasingly popular for men.