April 19, 2024

Bird tribal tattoo with wings

Bird wings tribal tattoo

These bird tattoo designs depict two birds in flight, inked in a unique black and white tribal tattoo pattern.

Bird tribal tattoo with wings

This tribal tattoo design is interesting because it may not be immediately obvious what the tattoo represents. The tattoo design includes two birds with wings, inked in black and white. The bird tattoos are somewhat complex, but they use only simple, solid black lines. Because the tribal designs that make up the birds’ wings are curved, it makes it look like the birds are in flight.

Tribal tattoos depicting birds or wings is a popular tattoo design for men and girls. Because birds typically represent freedom of body and mind, getting a bird tattoo inked in a tribal design often symbolizes a desire to be unburdened or carefree. Specific types of bird tattoos, like those featuring swallows, often symbolize protection or a safe return home.

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