April 19, 2024

Sun and snake tribal tattoo on back of the leg

Snake tribal tattoo

The two tribal tattoos on the back of this guy’s legs depict snakes and sun symbols inked in black, red and yellow.

Sun and snake tribal tattoo on back of the leg

Tribal tattoos for men are becoming more and more popular these days. Tribal tattoos can be small or large, simple or intricate, and can be inked in black and white or multiple colors. This guy’s leg tribal tattoos use black, yellow and red to make up the snake and sun images on the back of his right and left leg.

Tribal tattoos are common among both men and women, mostly because they come in all different sizes, shapes and forms. While tribal tattoos for women are typically meant to represent beauty, men often get tribal tattoos to symbolize strength and power. Snakes in particular are a popular type of tribal tattoo design because ancient civilizations have touted these creatures as a symbol of wisdom.