August 10, 2020

Irish celtic design idea cross tattoo

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Celtic cross and harp

Ornate Celtic cross in black with a yellow harp in front of it and accents of green leaves and tress framing it.

Irish celtic design idea cross tattoo

Detailed design of a Celtic cross shaded in grey with the knots and ropes inked in white. The ropes are tied around a yellow and bronze colored harp that looks like it has decorative carvings on it. The sides of the design are made up of two tall trees with bright green leaves. There are also little bushes tucked in here and there to fill out the empty spots.

Crosses are symbols of Christianity but the Celtic cross can also represent the Irish Celtic identity. This type of cross is a popular symbol Irish with sports teams. Some use it to represent racism so adding more images to the design to denote sports or religion is a must.