Juli 18, 2024

Black shoulder star tattoo for men

image reblogged from http://www.tattoounet.tumblr.com

Star outline on shoulder

Simple and sexy outline star tattoos like the one in this photo look great on men, especially on the shoulder.

Black shoulder star tattoo for men

It takes a certain star tattoo design to look masculine instead of girly. This man’s shoulder star tattoo matches the look on his face: fierce. The shoulder tat includes the outline of star inked in a thick black line. The tattoo is located on this man’s right shoulder, and is the only tattoo we can see, but I’m sure he has more!

Even though star tattoos may seem like a feminine tattoo design (especially since pop star Rihanna has a trail of stars inked on her neck and back), star tattoos for girls typically include shooting stars, stars with the moon, and other star tattoo images. This man’s star tattoo is relatively large, but is still subtle and definitely looks masculine!

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