April 19, 2024

String of stars tattoo on neck and back

image reblogged from http://www.tattoounet.tumblr.com

Black and pink stars tat

Star tats like this neck and back tattoo are popular because they can have a different meaning depending on the wearer.

String of stars tattoo on neck and back

This unique back and neck tattoo includes several big and small stars inked in black and pink in a trail down this girl’s back. The star tattoo begins just below her hairline on her neck, and extends down to the middle of her back. Following the trail of stars is a series of black curved lines, which almost look like stems and leaves, as if the stars were flowers.

Star trails like this girl’s back and neck tattoo are popular among men and women alike, and even some celebrities rock this type of star tattoo design. Riahnna, for example, has a trail of stars inked down her neck and back. Although Rihanna’s tattoo is much smaller and less detailed than this girl’s star tat, they definitely had the same idea in mind!

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