Mai 20, 2024

Light star tattoo with name

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Name inside star tattoo

Love is grand, isn’t it? This girl had her hubby or boyfriend’s name inked on her body inside of a star tattoo.

Light star tattoo with name

It’s easy to get on board with this star tattoo because is it such a simple design and makes an important statement. Since the “i” in Gabriel, the name included in this star tattoo, is dotted with a heart, it’s logical to think the wearer of this star tattoo is Gabriel’s wife or significant other. Even though many people who ink their boyfriend’s names on their bodies end up regretting it, we hope this Gabriel is in it for the long run!

This star tattoo is inked in light black and white, and is simple and classy. The name “Gabriel” is beautifully tattooed in script inside the star and both the name and the star have a slight shadow, which makes the tattoo design really pop. It’s obvious this girl is devoted to Gabriel, but name tattoos sometimes lose their novelty. What do you think of name tattoos?

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