Mai 20, 2024

Colorful hip star tattoo with swirls

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Multiple stars on hip

Colorful tats like this girl’s hip star tattoo really stand out against the skin. This star tattoo is colorful and cute.

Colorful hip star tattoo with swirls

Because star tattoos are so popular, especially among girls, choosing a unique star design is a good idea if you’re thinking about getting a star tat inked on your body. This girl chose to use color to make her star hip tattoo distinctive and girly. The tat includes five stars of different sizes and colors, each with five points, inked on her right hip. The stars are held together with black swirly lines that make the stars look like they are being blown by the wind.

Colored tattoos don’t always look that great, which is why so many people opt for simple black and white tats. However, this girl’s hip tattoo is a great example of using colors in a tasteful way to make your tattoo stand out and be more noticeable. Besides, the star tat is cute and feminine, and is probably a great conversation starter!

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